Who is Primarying the Governor?

Correction to this first paragraph below.


I believe our country and our party is at a precipice.  The American Dream is fading, debt is rising, and government is invading our everyday lives.  Leadership in the Republican Party has been complicit in the downward spiral of our country, state and party.  We need to be the party of fiscal responsibility, personal liberty, limited government and protectors of the unborn.  We have become a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde party that the electorate has become distrustful of.  Our governor increases taxes and supports Obamacare; the lieutenant governor helped pass Medicaid Expansion; and state legislators taxed our seniors. Some of our own Republican congressional representatives like Candice Miller, voted for the stimulus, TARP, and CIPSA.  No wonder the GOP has a branding issue.  We have a bunch of undocumented democrats in our party. 

         I ran for Chairman of the Michigan Republican Party because we need to bring the party back to its core values.  I will continue to fight for fiscal responsibility, limited government, conservatism and liberty.  There are many ways to continue that fight and one of those ways is to hold our elected Republicans accountable.  It is time that we, the conservative constitutional base of the party, define what our party is going to be.  If we are going to sell conservatism, we need to be conservative.  Our GOP leadership sells conservatism to get elected only to abandon it once in office.  It is time for the grassroots to rise up and lead our party, our state and our country.  These government-expansion Republicans need to be held accountable to the people that they serve.  We need you to become a precinct delegate so we can shape the party agenda. We need you to run for county offices, state representative and state senate.  Its time for the “intense fellowship” of a primary against those that voted for Medicaid expansion, Obamacare exchanges and increasing taxes on our seniors.  Every avenue to advance liberty and conservatism needs to be explored.  The time is now and we need you to be the leaders that are missing in the Republican Party. I pray that we will have an army of those willing to stand in the gap and save the republic.  

          As for myself, I have been rumored to be running for everything under the sun: state representative in my home district; Congress; Michigan Supreme Court; Michigan Board of Education and lieutenant governor.  Right now there is a little buzz on a primary challenge to Governor Rick Snyder and some are predicting that I am the one that is going to announce at the Mackinac Leadership Conference.  I will say that this is news to me.   That being said, I believe that at the very least we should not assume that any battle to attempt to unseat this governor is lost. It is imperative that we defend liberty and conservatism at any and all levels.  I, like so many of you, am always working to protect and advance conservatism for our state and nation, and this is just one more option in the fight for the republic and brand of our party.  All efforts should be taken to explore a primary challenge; whether it’s for governor, lieutenant governor or Congress and my efforts are to that end. But we also need to be more than passionate; we need to be strategic and realistic about where our efforts will have the most impact on the advancement of conservatisim. I have and continue to explore every option available that will advance conservatism and unite the party around those principles.  I believe that the Lord will lead and provide for whatever option he directs.

          I will keep you posted on any developments on what direction will be next, but for now I am giving everything I have to advance the cause of conservatism.  I will continue to explore every option for myself and help the grassroots protect the brand from another four years of progressive actions by this governor, by some of our legislators, and the moderate and left leaning leadership of the Michigan Republican Party.

God Bless,

Todd Courser

Correction to my first post above.


In my email, “Who is primarying the governor” I made three points.  One, that from the governor to Congress, our Republican politicians have failed to adhere to the conservative principles that they say they believe in.  Two, that we need to hold them accountable by considering primary challenges against those Republicans.  Three, that currently, I am not the rumored candidate for a primary challenge to the governor; although no option is off the table from governor to Congress.  

Some have taken issue with my comments regarding Congresswoman Candice Miller.  I stated that she voted for Stimulus and TARP.  In error, I did not source the votes, which has led to some confusion.  She has my sincere apology on the confusion created by my characterization of her voting around these issues.  To her credit, the honorable Candice Miller did not vote for the 790+ billion Stimulus package or the almost 800 billion dollar bank bailout.  However, Representative Miller did vote for HR 3357 on July 29th, 2009,which has been called 192 Billion anti recession stimulus spending bill and HR 7110, a 60 billion dollar jobs and infrastructure stimulus bill.  She also voted for HR 1586 of March 19th, 2009 known as the “TARP Recipient Bonus Tax”.  To me the argument is one of semantics, but when one is in a primary for Congress, semantics become really important.  She voted for a stimulus bill and a TARP bill, but not “the stimulus bill” or “the TARP bill”.  I should have sourced it in the original email so any confusion could have been avoided.  Despite the confusion my original point stands.  There are plenty of examples of a lack of fiscal conservatism in our republican party from our Governor to Congress, but that is for another time and another place; we have a problem within our party’s core and it is simply a lack of committed conservative leadership.  Again, any miscommunication on my part could have been avoided by sourcing the referred to votes of Representative Candice Miller.   







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///…the lieutenant governor helped pass Medicaid Expansion…///

Why leave it at that? If you are truly serious about holding our elected Republicans accountable, I can’t think of any more effective way than to force them to share next year’s primary ballot with this Medicare expansion issue. Ever since the governor has started his efforts to pass the implementation of Obamacare through the state legislature started, I’ve been voicing loudly to everybody in listening range that the legislators should have been confronted with a petition draft of a ballot initiative to repeal their legislation if they dared pass it, with a firm promise that their reelection campaign would have to share the ballot with this repeal measure.

Hey, that was the strategy that the Democrats employed so successfully last election, throw a bunch of far-left proposals on the ballot that might have had the outside chance of riding an Obama tidal wave to passage, but more likely would spur the party faithful to the polls to defeat GOP congressmen and make inroads into the legislature. Well, the further the suffering people will have under Obamacare is exposed, the greater opportunity for an anti-incumbent backlash at the polls. The current ballot proposal circulating attacking Obamacare’s imposition of abortion is far too insufficient. Tea Partiers ought to be brainstorming every ballot initiative imaginable to block the most unpopular parts of Obamacare for both primary and general in 2014 (forbidding Michigan’s citizens to have to obey any provision of Obamacare that the Congressmen and their staffers have been exempted from would be great for starters, for example). And if the governing class should have those ballot proposals (hopefully cannily chosen to pass by 70, 80 and even 90 percent) struck down, that would be a golden opportunity to expose to people the chains that are being drawn about them, and be impetus to spark a grass-roots revolution (such as the Liberty Amendments effort) that will finally throw off the shackles of the Washington establishment.

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